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Yena Ahadzie appointed president of Engineers Without Borders, Toronto Professional Chapter

Effective in July 2015, Yena Ahadzie has been appointed as the president of the Engineers Without Borders (EWB), Toronto Professional Chapter. This stems from her position as Water for the World Co-lead for the 2014-2015 term and her involvement in EWB since early 2014. “Engineers Without Borders' philosophy is very well aligned with my belief in the best ways to tackle global development issues, especially extreme poverty – by empowering people to make change within their communities, and also by recognizing larger issues that are related on a systems level. The passion, sincerity and dedication of EWBers is truly inspirational,” she says.

Yena is a water resources engineer-in-training at Dillon with experience in both water resources and civil engineering projects. She is proficient in the use of a range of water resources modelling software, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, as well as the preliminary and detailed design of stormwater management works. Her work typically  includes site specific hydrological assessment, design and review of hydraulic structures under existing and proposed conditions, and stormwater management measures for urban and industrial developments.

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