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Dillon Transit Planners showcased at the Canadian Urban Transit Association Fall Conference

Dillon transit planners will have a significant role as moderators at the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) Fall Conference and Trans-Expo, in Montreal, QC, from November 21-25.

Sean Rathwell will co-moderate a keynote panel discussion on “Urban Mobility: The Way of the Customer”. The session will review the evolution of urban mobility, who are the new key players, how they come together and what transit’s role is in this new paradigm. This keynote panel brings together a cross-section of key players on the new mobility frontier to explore these questions. Sean will also moderate a session on Integrated Mobility 3.0 “Do Apps like Uber Pose a Threat to Public Transit?” which will explore three examples of partnerships/ideas involving new approaches to better integrating transit and broader urban mobility.

Bill Menzies will moderate a session on Integrated Fare Collection “Ticket Vending Machines: Old News or a Critical Part of Your Future AFC Strategy.” This session explores innovations in mobile ticketing and digital fare distribution.

Dennis Kar will moderate the Integrated Mobility and Land Use Planning session on “Preferential Measures for Buses in Laval: An Accelerating Project.” This session will explore the use of transit priority treatments and the integration of transit with community planning and design.

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