The Meaford waterfront meets the diverse interests of the community, including motorized and non-motorized boating, passive and active recreation, events, natural refuge, natural habitat, recreational fishing and traditional uses of the Aboriginal. The Municipality of Meaford retained Dillon to prepare a waterfront strategy and master plan that draws symbiotic connections to the downtown area. 

With an approach that highlights Meaford’s waterfront lands as the catalyst for economic development through tourism activity, the waterfront strategy and master plan presents a well-defined and community-driven vision that will transform the waterfront into an environmentally and economically sustainable water’s edge with an integrated linkage to the downtown core. Innovative on-line participation tools, design charrette and open houses framed the consultation strategy.

Dillon developed the overall waterfront strategy, conceptual design, policy and land use recommendations and the implementation strategy in collaboration with Shoreplan, which was accompanied by urbanMetric’s recommendations on economic development opportunities and the funding strategy.

Project Details

Project Partner: Municipality of Meaford

Project Photos

  • Waterfront plan aerial drawing of green spaces
  • Before/after view of waterfront forested park with proposed boardwalk
  • Before/After view of waterfront roadways and pedestrian use
  • Before/after view of waterfront with proposed boardwalk and park areas