In May 1994, Sliammon First Nation (Tla’amin Nation) started the extensive journey in the BC Treaty process which aims to achieve reconciliation, land ownership certainty, increased potential for economic development, financial stability and independence for First Nations. On July 12, 2012, Tla’amin Nation members voted to approve the Final Agreement. The implementation of the Treaty was the final stage of the Treaty process which involves the long term implementation of plans including a Land Use Plan.

Beginning in 2014, Dillon collaborated with the Tla’amin Nation to prepare a Land use Plan for Treaty Settlement Lands (8,322 ha) to guide development and preserve areas of importance for future generations. The Land Use Plan provides systems and tools that help to define the long-term goals and vision of Tla’amin Lands, provide certainty for future land development, protect and preserve cultural features, plan development in a way that protects valued resources, and serve as a basis for policies, regulations and decisions related to land use and development on Tla’amin Lands.

Dillon is pleased to continue building our relationship with the Tla’amin Nation.  We have co-developed the Tla’amin Nation Development Permitting Process, created updates to the Lands and Resources CCP House Post, and we are now working together to update the Tla’amin Nation’s Comprehensive Nation Plan.

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Project Partner: Sliammon Treaty Society

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