Terry Fox Drive is a major arterial road in Ottawa, named for the late Canadian humanitarian, activist and athlete Terry Fox. Located in the suburb of Kanata in the city's west end, the road was initially a minor road that has become a major route for residents travelling to and from the north end of Kanata. Expansion was controversial as it cut through a provincially significant wetland affecting 20 species at risk in this area such as the Butternut tree, American ginseng and the Blanding's turtle.

Dillon was retained to carry out the Environmental Assessment (EA) after completing the Region’s transportation master plan, allowing the Region to quickly move into the approval, design and construction phases for the full length of Terry Fox Drive.

The EA established a new alignment for the 11.9 km arterial including new road sections and road widenings. Route selection was completed for 5.3 km of new arterial road through land designated for environmental protection under the Official Plan.

The preliminary design included the provision of on-street cycling lanes, adjacent sidewalks and a recreational pathway for pedestrians. A number of studies were commissioned including: Stage 3 Archaeological Investigations; detailed mitigation plan for the Carp River floodplain; stormwater management strategy; securing a railway crossing approval, at-grade crossing geometry and signalization; and coordination of geotechnical investigations.

The design, tendering and construction administration process included:

  • Updating the transportation forecast and analysis including a review of roundabout opportunities
  • A consultation process involving City staff, the public and outside agencies
  • Updating the natural environment inventory and documenting the findings within a full federal CEAA screening report
  • Identifying five species at risk and preparing mitigation plans for the three species directly impacted
  • Developing an impact assessment and compensation plan for the Carp River floodplain
  • Developing a drainage strategy and stormwater management plan.

The research we conducted on the Blanding's turtle as a part of the construction mitigation was published in the Canadian Journal of Zoology. Click here to read the full paper. 

This project received a 2013 Award of Merit from Consulting Engineers of Ontario and an Environmental Achievement Award from Transportation Association of Canada in 2014

Project Details

Project Partner: City of Ottawa

Project Photos

  • Terry Fox - North East View Spring
  • Terry Fox Drive Extension 1
  • Terry Fox Drive Environmental Assessment 3
  • Terry Fox EA-City of Ottawa-1_resize
  • Terry Fox Drive Extension (Blanding's Turtle)
  • Terry Fox Drive Extension 2
  • Terry Fox Drive Extension (Picture 4)
  • South March Wetlands Nov 20 '10_11
  • Terry Fox Drive Environmental Assessment 2
  • Terry Fox Drive EA - Fawn found beside swamp in 7B Photo 1
  • Terry Fox Drive Extension (Constructed Wetland)