Dillon pioneered a made in Canada approach to conducting Rural Active Living Assessments (RALA). 

Health units, municipalities and other key agencies are vested in improving community accessibility and physical activity in rural settlements of under 10,000 people. Our goal is to support and share research on environmental and policy strategies with communities and in turn the communities can promote daily physical activities for children and families.

Dillon worked with Dr. David Hartley, founder of RALA tools, to develop and implement the first studies in Canada. We utilized mobile GIS technology to capture field data for efficient, effective data collection.

What can RALA do for your community?

  • Facilitate active living, community connectivity and economic vitality
  • Enhance existing physical infrastructure
  • Expand the range of facilities and programming to meet the needs of the aging population
  • Revitalize community destinations
  • Formulate a baseline for further municipal plans, including Active Transportation Plans, Parks and Recreation Plans, Economic Development Strategies, Municipal Capital and Operational Budgets, and Land Use Planning and Development
  • Facilitate meaningful collaboration between sectors and partners

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