The “Old South” sewer overflow project was triggered due to aging infrastructure and the fact that the area is predominantly serviced by combined sewers. The project included the construction of a new storm sewer outfall system to the Thames River to convey storm flows previously captured in the combined sewer. The new outfall allowed ongoing upstream sewer separation to be completed under a several construction projects that are currently underway. The timing constraints for this project were driven by the partial funding by the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund which had a deadline for the completion of all works.

Dillon’s project team included municipal engineers, geomorphologists, terrestrial and aquatic biologists, hydrologic and hydraulic modellers, and construction administrators/observers. The project improved social and environmental conditions in the study area by: 

  • Significantly reducing combined sewage overflows adjacent to the Thames River
  • Providing a new outfall to facilitate many infrastructure renewal projects 
  • Creation of a natural linkage from the Thames River to other natural areas
  • Improvements to the water quality and aquatic habitat of the Thames River
  • Reduction of flooding and bad odours related to overflows
  • Enhancement of the aesthetics of the local park and trail system.

Project Details

Project Partner: City of London

Project Photos

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  • OldSouthCombinedSewerOverflow-1
  • OldSouthCombinedSewerOverflow-3