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Dillon developed the Scope Book and Basis for Urban Design in support of the Area Specific Master Plan (ASMP) for the Northern Corridor Buffer Zone (NCBZ) of Jubail Industrial City (JIC). The ASMP provided long-term land use, transportation, infrastructure, urban design and environmental management plans and policies to ensure that development within the study area occured in a rational and sustainable manner.

The scope book established the site development and built form expectations and design performance for all development proposed within the NCBZ. It was intended that developers and investors interested in undertaking development projects within the NCBZ will use this document to gauge what is expected and what criteria will be utilized to evaluate each development proposal. The Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu used the document to gauge whether a development proposal achieved the 'minimum' design expectations to satisfy the approval process.

As standards and benchmarks for new development, the guidelines were informed by best practices in urban design and tailored to the unique conditions of JIC. They helped to guide and shape new buildings to reinforce the objectives of the NCBZ Master Plan. At the same time, they provided flexibility within certain parameters to encourage distinction, variety, and creative architectural responses.

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