Opened in April 2007, this $13M facility was constructed in a 10-month timeframe and is capable of processing 8300 tonnes of compost/year plus an additional 1650 tonnes of biosolids. The compost facility is a state-of-the-art, in-vessel, aerated static pile tunnel facility that is highly automated. This control enables the facility to co-exist with its neighbors in the middle of a commercial and residential area.

The compost facility is a “green” project through the innovative process used to construct a solid bearing surface for the buildings. The buildings are located on an area previously used as a disposal site for incinerator ash, construction and demolition debris. Instead of excavating to arrive at a suitable bearing surface, dynamic compaction was utilized to consolidate the existing material allowing the buildings to be constructed.

Dillon acted as the owner’s engineer for the project which included preparation of the Terms of Reference for the design-build project, negotiation with the design-build team, liaison with the owner and design-builder and construction administration. Dillon’s design team recommended and oversaw the dynamic compaction component.

Project Details

Project Partner: Cape Breton Regional Municipality

Project Photos

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  • 054781 - CBRM Compost 3
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