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Jubail Industrial City (JIC) and Ras Al Khair Industrial City (RIC) represent significant contributions to the regional and global market for petrochemical and mining products in eastern Saudi Arabia. With city population and output forecasted to double within the next 20 years, Dillon was tasked by the Royal Commission of Jubail with developing a city master plan; provide a light and support plan for a 500 ha J1 light industrial park which is home to over 400 businesses; and make an assessment of future transportation needs for both cities.

Industrial City Master Plan

Jubail Industrial City is located on the Arabian Gulf, 100 km north of the Dammam metropolitan area. It is a well-established, world-scale petrochemical complex comprising primary, secondary and support industries. JIC covers ~920 km2, of which ~260 km2 have been designated for initial development. The infrastructure consists of:

  • Power
  • Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Water and wastewater systems
  • Seawater cooling distribution system
  • Reclaimed water system for irrigation and industrial use
  • Bulk materials handling system
  • Transportation facilities (airport, industrial and commercial port complex, rail, road network).

The community area is located north of the industrial area providing commercial, government and residential areas for the employees of JIC. Dillon provided a master plan (MPU) to transform Jubail from a world-scale industrial complex with a community area into a “complete” city comprising a vibrant city centre, a more diverse industrial base with petrochemical clustering, advanced manufacturing and research and development in more “green” technologies, a full range of housing, destination shopping and more diverse recreation and entertainment opportunities.

Dillon, the lead consultant for this project, is working with an international team of subconsultants. The MPU is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary plan update covering 10 technical volumes, including a policy plan. The MPU includes an assessment of long-term growth projections, local and global economic trends and a detailed study of future investment opportunities for petrochemical development in JIC. The MPU provides a plan for a new 6000 ha industrial park (J2) including all infrastructure, land use and transportation planning for the park. The MPU provides a strategy for economic diversification,  development opportunities and an action to implement a new research and development park and university in close proximity to Jubail’s new city centre.

Light and Support

The existing 500 ha J1 light industrial park is home to over 400 businesses comprising of traditional light industrial activities and a number of commercial and quasi-commercial activities which serve the park and the broader community.

The long-term strategy study examined the existing J1 light industrial park, made recommendations for improvements and upgrades including a new plan for a 1000 ha expansion. Urban design guidelines were prepared for the new development, along with proposed “retro-fits” and physical improvements to the existing industrial park. The project encouraged diversity in the mix of industrial businesses for the planned expansion and the use of higher standards into the design of the streets, properties, buildings and landscaping for both existing and planned expansion. 

Microsimulation Traffic and Transport

Dillon created two large-scale regional travel demand models. These models were used in the future planning of each city’s overall transportation networks. Regional models were used as the basis for creation of 12 detailed neighbourhood-level microsimulation models. These microsimulations modelled the travel behaviours of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians as they complete their travel decision.

The models allowed for extraction of the detailed operations and needs in critical areas. The two model types were applied together in the detailed assessment and planning of transportation needs for JIC and RIC.

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