The Town of Inuvik owned and operated two water supply and associated treatment facilities to provide potable water for the community on a year-round basis. The pre-existing water treatment plants were reaching intended lifespans and needed to be upgraded or replaced.

A new water treatment plant opened in March 2017. This new plant allows Inuvik to have a single source of water year round as opposed to relying on water from Hidden Lake in the summer and the Mackenzie River in the winter. Dillon designed a new water treatment solution that draws water from a single source instead of the two water supplies. Additional upgrades to the plant included:

  • An addition to the existing facility
  • New packaged water treatment plant, filtration, disinfection and storage
  • A year-round river intake and raw water pump station.

Our role on this project included assessment of source waters, water quality testing, bench-scale testing, schematic design, detailed design and assistance with public consultation.

The Town of Inuvik received the 2017 Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators Willis Award, in the under 20,000 population category, for this project. Click here to watch the award video. Dillon was honoured with the 2019 Professional Award of Merit for this project from Northwest Territories and Nunavut Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists.

Project Details

Project Partner: Government of Northwest Territories Town of Inuvik

Project Photos

  • Inuvik Water Treatment Plant (Interior)
  • Inuvik Water Treatment Plant (Exterior)
  • Inuvik Water Treatment Plant (Exterior)
  • Inuvik WTP Piping
  • Inuvik Water Treatment Plant Interior Pumps
  • Inuvik Water Treatment Plant (Exterior)
  • Inuvik Water Treatment Plant Exterior Piping
  • Inuvik Water Treatment Plant (Interior)