Dillon has entered into a three-party teaming agreement with Sprung Structures and BLT Construction Services to pursue, design, deliver and construct high-quality Mobile Medical Units (MMU) in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario primarily for Indigenous Communities.

These structures will provide for the needed isolation and treatment of COVID-19 infected patients. These structures can also be reconfigured for accommodations for healthcare workers and/or add-on kitchen units. The units may be repurposed for other needs once these units are no longer needed for COVID-19 infected patients such as classroom teaching centres, additional permanent healthcare space, etc.

Dillon will be providing site civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering services for these medical units, which  can be manufactured within days, and delivered at a rate faster than any other solution, with minimal additional time for the build on site. These units are, on average, 30’ wide structures and can accommodate between 8 and 12 beds.

"Dillon is fortunate to be teaming with two industry leaders in Sprung and BLT to provide Mobile Medical Units to our Indigenous Communities in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. These communities are in need of MMU's to isolate and treat COVID-19 infected members. In addition, our accommodation structures provide suitable housing to meet the needs of the healthcare workers being brought in to manage the pandemic within the community." - Brian Feuer

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Project Photos

  • Floor plan of mobile medical unit set up as housing
  • Rows of beds set up in Mobile Medical Unit
  • Internal view of mobile medical unit with hospital beds set up
  • kitchen in mobile unit set up as housing
  • External view of mobile medical unit