Tsuu T'ina Nation required a land use plan for their 69,000 acre reserve. Developed in 1975, the Master Plan needed a connective vision and empowering guide for decision-making. Faced with a young and rapidly growing population on a limited land base adjacent to the city of Calgary, the Nation needed a plan that would protect their way of life and provide a framework for the next 25 years.

Tsuu T'ina Nation retained Dillon to create a comprehensive community plan that would be community-based, community-driven and responsive to the environmental, social and economic factors that they would face in the future. Dillon and the Nation created a unique and powerful plan providing renewed community vision, goals, objectives, policies, recommendations and empowering implementation strategy. Close collaboration with the community elders, youth, members, administration, and leadership was a fundamental component of the development process.

The final plan is a long-term holistic vision, with principles, goals, objectives, strategies, policies and a land use concept plan which respects their traditional values and provides a roadmap for future generations to follow.

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Project Partner: Tsuu T’ina Nation

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  • Tsuu T'ina Nation
  • Tsuu T'ina Nation adjacent to Calgary
  • Public Consultation
  • Community Plan model