Dillon worked with the Town of Milton, Ontario, to create a Fire Master Plan (FMP) as a component of its strategic community planning and growth development process. Initiating this fire master planning process was also consistent with industry best practices that recommend a review and update of a community’s FMP. based on a ten-year planning horizon.

The primary focus of the analyses was to provide a comprehensive review of the fire protection services provided by the Milton Fire Department (M.F.D.) in comparison to the Town’s legislative requirements as required by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act 1997 (F.P.P.A.)  and Occupational Health and Safety Act, R.S.O. 1990. In May 2018, the Ministry of the Solicitor General adopted Ontario Regulation 378/18: Community Risk Assessments under the F.P.P.A., which required every fire department to complete a Community Risk Assessment (CRA). The CRA included nine mandatory profiles that were intended to inform decisions about the provision of fire protection services within a community.

The continuing rapid community growth in Milton has contributed to an increase in emergency call volume and an expanding building stock that includes vulnerable occupancies such as senior care facilities, and high rise high-risk taller buildings. The result has been a higher demand to increase the number of full-time firefighters to provide an effective and efficient response based on the fire risks present.This fire master planning process recognized the importance of sustaining the use of part-time firefighters as the initial responders in the rural area of the community and in support of the full-time firefighters within the defined urban area. The sustainability strategy presented included revising the organizational structure of the part-time firefighters and increasing the total number of part-time firefighters assigned to each station.

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  • Large brick building. Fire Station 3
  • Milton Fire Station #4 with antique truck behind windows