Tyler Baxter

Associate / Office Manager
E: tbaxter@dillon.ca


Tyler has over 30 years of experience with design, drafting and construction administration. He has managed a diverse selection of civil infrastructure projects in Atlantic Canada. He is also an accomplished design draftsman producing municipal and structural drawings. He specializes in building science design and is extremely knowledgeable in architectural systems and details.

Dominion and Bridgeport Wastewater Treatment Plant, interior

Wastewater Collection and Treatment System - Dominion and Bridgeport, NS

Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) retained Dillon to complete the design, tendering and contract administration of this wastewater collection and treatment system constructed in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM). The system includes a SBR wastewater treatment plant producing a secondary level effluent. Other major components of the treatment system include fine screens, vortex grit removal, sludge dewatering and UV disinfection. The plant discharges to an existing outfall located in the Atlantic Ocean.

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New Waterford Water Treatment Plant, exterior view

Water Treatment Plant - New Waterford, NS

The New Waterford WTP provides treated water to approximately 9,000 people located in New Waterford, Scotchtown, Lingan and New Victoria. The sources of water for the facility are the Waterford and Kilkenny lakes. Water is piped through a 500 mm diameter water intake to the WTP with a capacity to treat 9.8 MLD (2.15 MIGD). The facility took 17 months to complete from the start of construction to commissioning.

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