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Terry Boutilier

B.Sc., B.Eng., P.Eng.
Board of Directors / Partner


Terry Boutilier has 35 years of experience as an engineering consultant. He is a municipal engineer with experience in project management, construction management and design of various engineering projects including site remediation, buildings, solid waste facilities, wastewater systems, water systems, subdivisions and streets. He has been involved in a number of owner engineer and design-build assignments. He is Dillon's CEO Emeritus.

Wastewater Collection and Treatment System - Dominion and Bridgeport, NS

Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) retained Dillon to complete the design, tendering and contract administration of this wastewater collection and treatment system constructed in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM). The system includes a SBR wastewater treatment plant producing a secondary level effluent. Other major components of the treatment system include fine screens, vortex grit removal, sludge dewatering and UV disinfection. The plant discharges to an existing outfall located in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Water Treatment Plant - New Waterford, NS

The New Waterford WTP provides treated water to approximately 9,000 people located in New Waterford, Scotchtown, Lingan and New Victoria. The sources of water for the facility are the Waterford and Kilkenny lakes. Water is piped through a 500 mm diameter water intake to the WTP with a capacity to treat 9.8 MLD (2.15 MIGD). The facility took 17 months to complete from the start of construction to commissioning.

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Infrastructure Upgrades – Cape Breton, NS

Dillon has been working with Wagmatcook First Nation since 2003; initially being involved in the preparation of a Physical Development Plan (PDP) assessing the condition of the existing community infrastructure and projected community requirements. Following the PDP, work with the Nation has been extended several times.

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Compost Facility - Cape Breton, NS

Opened in April 2007, this $13M facility was constructed in a 10-month timeframe and is capable of processing 8300 tonnes of compost/year plus an additional 1650 tonnes of biosolids. The compost facility is a state-of-the-art, in-vessel, aerated static pile tunnel facility that is highly automated. This control enables the facility to co-exist with its neighbors in the middle of a commercial and residential area.

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