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Kiran Chhiba



Kiran has over 17 years of experience in urban design and community planning for both public and private sectors. He has been actively engaged in architectural, landscape architectural, planning, infrastructural and consultation-led projects, under a wider variety of contexts. These complex assignments are commonly multidisciplinary and showcase a number of diverse opportunities and challenges, including infrastructural projects, waterfront master planning, public spaces and academic research.

Queen Street Corridor Study - Bolton, ON

The Village of Bolton’s Queen Street area is in a continual state of change based on emerging demands on infrastructure and historic reference to the village’s core. Coupled with growth forecasts and supporting policy from the Town of Caledon and Regional Councils, the Queen Street Corridor Study provided a phased vision and design to keep with the village’s unique sense of place while addressing its mixed-use focus. The Town of Caledon retained Dillon to undertake a corridor study of the Queen Street and Highway 50 area (~9 km total). The findings of an extensive public consultation process were used to develop visioning scenarios and a refined recommendation for future development.

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Dundas Place - London, ON

The City of London had a vision to transform Dundas Street in downtown London, ON, into Dundas Place, a key public space and cultural hub that will encourage residential intensification in the core, showcase the built heritage of the area and shape downtown London for decades to come. The City of London is faced with the challenge of accommodating significant growth in high density development that is anticipated adjacent to Dundas Place, while protecting the street’s rich history, character and heritage. Being retained as the prime consultant, Dillon partnered with Gehl in the Class Environmental Assessment (EA) to provide the urban design, landscape architecture, placemaking, EA planning, consultation, and engineering expertise to turn Dundas Street into a flexible environment that is shared by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

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Northern Corridor Buffer Zone Area Specific Master Plan - Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia

Dillon developed the Scope Book and Basis for Urban Design in support of the Area Specific Master Plan (ASMP) for the Northern Corridor Buffer Zone (NCBZ) of Jubail Industrial City (JIC). The ASMP provided long-term land use, transportation, infrastructure, urban design and environmental management plans and policies to ensure that development within the study area occured in a rational and sustainable manner.

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Inundation: Moving Beyond Toronto's Blue Edge - Toronto, ON

The Urban Land Institute’s Young Leaders Initiative invited members of the general public, architects, designers, planners, artists, engineers, students and members of the development community, both locally and internationally, to participate in it’s unique inaugural design competition by creating compelling visions and plans to connect the City of Toronto with its currently underutilized waterfront. The competition encouraged people to create ideas with practical solutions that address this long-standing land use and connection issue. Dillon developed Inundation as a bold competition design plan that imagined Toronto’s waterfront in 2114.

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Community Improvement Plan and Urban Design Guidelines - Welland, ON

In 2013, the City of Welland embarked on an ambitious plan to completely regenerate and revitalize its downtown core and adjacent health and wellness district. The City’s program includes two main vehicles for revitalization - a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the downtown and health and wellness cluster; and city-wide urban design guidelines.

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Back to the River: Forest City, River City - London, ON

The Thames plays a central role in defining the social, cultural, civic and economic possibilities for London’s residents, workers and visitors. The City is experiencing a confluence of planning opportunities that will catalyze transformational changes in the fabric of London, making this the most opportune time to come Back to the River. In partnership with Stoss, Dillon was a design finalist for the community mobilization initiative to revitalize a 5km stretch of the river. Given the sensitivity of the river environment, and the challenges of flood mitigation, we proposed a strategy to build on the characteristics of existing natural and social environments.

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Waverley West Arterial Roads Project - Winnipeg, MB

Planning for development of the City’s southwest quadrant began in the early 2000s.  The area is typically referred to as the “Waverley West” neighbourhoods. At full build out, it is anticipated that the area will be home to over 40,000 people, which is close to the population of Brandon, Manitoba. This complex, multidisciplinary project had unique design aspects that were considered in the delivery of this project.  The tri-level government-funded project was split into three parts in order to quickly get key pieces of infrastructure built first and to stage design and construction such that the schedule could be met.


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Lake Wilcox Park - Richmond Hill, ON

Lake Wilcox Park is 5.48 hectares of exceptional waterfront parkland reflective of the area’s cultural, historical, and environmental heritage. Nestled along the eastern shores of Lake Wilcox, within the Oak Ridges Moraine, the Park’s design is founded on principles of an ecologically driven approach that balances recreational parkland with built facilities and an accessible and connected waterfront. An extensive consultation process with the public and Indigenous communities confirmed an integrated design approach and inspired the detailed design of the park. As a result, the natural and cultural history of the site is celebrated via symbolic detailed design forms, materials, and public art intricately woven throughout the landscape.

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City Master Plan - Jubail Industrial City, Saudia Arabia

Jubail Industrial City (JIC) and Ras Al Khair Industrial City (RIC) represent significant contributions to the regional and global market for petrochemical and mining products in eastern Saudi Arabia. With city population and output forecasted to double within the next 20 years, Dillon was tasked by the Royal Commission of Jubail with developing a city master plan; provide a light and support plan for a 500 ha J1 light industrial park which is home to over 400 businesses; and make an assessment of future transportation needs for both cities.

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Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway - Windsor / Essex, ON

The Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway is the roadway component of the Detroit River’sNew International Trade Crossing. Federal, provincial and state governments in the United States and Canada partnered to find a solution that provides safe, efficient and secure movement of people and goods across the border. The project, previously called the Windsor Essex Parkway, has an anticipated capital cost of $1.6B (CDN) is being delivered as an Alternative Finance Procurement (AFP). Once complete the new parkway will provide uninterrupted traffic flow. This is the most significant highway investment being made in Ontario. 

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