Jessica Wright

Jessica Wright

B.Sc., MES


Jessica has over 11 years of consulting experience as a project manager/coordinator and aquatic biologist. She provides environmental services to both public and private sector, often in support of municipal, provincial and federal permitting, approvals and legislative requirements. She has experience successfully navigating permitting and regulatory requirements from agencies such as conservation authorities, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Transport Canada and Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks.

Jessica regularly contributes to provincial and international environmental impact assessments through management, coordination, collection of baseline data, evaluation of alternatives, evaluation of impacts (including valued ecosystem components) and proposal of mitigation measures. Her environmental assessment experience includes a variety of projects including linear infrastructure (such and transmission lines, roads and pipelines), greenfield development, bridges and culverts and marine facilities.

As an aquatic biologist, Jessica’s experiences includes natural environment management and coordination (including fisheries components), the development of aquatic study designs, the collection of baseline data such as fish community and benthic invertebrate surveys, aquatic habitat assessments, the evaluation of project impacts and proposal of mitigation measures including habitat compensation and or management plans.  Jessica also regularly works with legislation and regulations such as the Fisheries Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Species At Risk Act and the Conservation Authorities Act.

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