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David is a risk assessor with experience in a variety of sectors providing contaminated site management and risk assessment services, including commercial real estate, financial, insurance, upstream and downstream oil and gas, mining, and federal and provincial governments.  His career has included significant regulatory experience through participation in the Atlantic Partners in RBCA [Risk Based Corrective Action] Implementation (PIRI) committee and other initiatives, including: development of the PIRI User Guidance; the Newfoundland Contaminated Sites Guideline; and the PIRI guidance manual on soil vapour assessments. David has worked for 20 years on federal government contaminated sites including the Goose Bay and Giant Mine Remediation Projects.

David’s areas of expertise includes human health risk assessments, ecological risk assessments, risk communication, and contaminated site assessments. David has experience and training in public communication and has facilitated open houses and public meetings, bringing together diverse stakeholders.

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