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Bev Smith

Beverley Smith

B.Sc., P.Geo., FGC


Beverley is a geoscientist and hydrogeologist with over 16 years of technical experience in the fields of physical and contaminant hydrogeology.  She has worked on federal and provincial phased environmental site assessments (ESAs) and risk assessments, environmental compliance monitoring programs, potable water supply investigations, and groundwater vulnerability assessments.

Bev has coordinated, implemented, and provided technical oversight for environmental compliance monitoring programs in relation to various waste disposal, compost and industrial sites, petroleum storage/handling facilities, and active and former military bases; phased environmental site assessment projects (involving test pitting programs, borehole/monitoring well and/or soil vapour probe installation programs, sample collection (soil, water and/or air), analysis and data assessment, and source removal/remedial activities); supplemental site investigation; human health and ecological risk assessments; and environmental compliance audits. She is well versed in the assessment of data using provincial, federal, or other jurisdiction criteria; trend analysis using historical data sets; the optimization of long term compliance monitoring programs using statistical analysis (such as US EPA ProUCL); the collection of additional samples for site characterization; and delineation of areas of potential environmental concern. Bev serves as a Site Professional under the Nova Scotia Contaminated Sites Regulations and Ministerial Protocol process and regularly liaises with Nova Scotia Environment personnel when filing technical submissions. She also attends community liaison committee meetings in relation to operational landfill sites.

Bev’s project experience includes contaminated site management programs in accordance with the federal 10 Step FCSAP process, including Phased ESAs, development of conceptual site models, site scoring (NCSCS), development of Remedial Action Plans, and Risk Management Plans.  She has also worked on potable well exploration studies, groundwater vulnerability assessments and the development of source protection plans for community well fields and for military bases, such as 14 Wing Greenwood and 5 Wing Goose Bay. She currently holds Secret Level security clearance with the Canadian and International Industrial Security Directorate of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).

Bev is the current Past President of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Nova Scotia (APGNS), serves on the Environment and Governance committees, is a past Council member (2008-2009 and 2013-2014), and served as the Association President in 2009. Bev received her Fellow of Geoscientists Canada (FGC) designation from Geoscientists Canada in 2013.