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Aakash Bagchi

B.Tech., M.Eng., P.Eng.
E: ABagchi@dillon.ca


Aakash is a Water Resources Engineer with over eight years of experience in the consulting industry. He has been involved in a broad range of projects in the water resources field. His experience includes stormwater management system design for urban infill developments as well as larger greenfield developments. He has been involved in studies to identify flood-risk due to combined probability (coastal flooding and extreme rainfall) events and extreme rainfall events on watershed level studies. He has worked on a number of municipal infrastructure design projects to design stormwater conveyance systems for road reconstruction projects. He has also worked on a number of municipal storm and sanitary sewer modelling studies, which included assessment of surface and basement flooding risk and estimation of Rainfall Derived Inflow and Infiltration into sanitary sewers, and designing solutions to mitigate flood risk.

Little River Floodplain Mapping and Sandwich South Secondary Plan - Windsor, ON

Dillon was retained by the City of Windsor to provide updated Little River Floodplain Mapping from the 1985 limits and develop a stormwater management concept for the Sandwich South secondary plan area in conjunction with newly established floodplain limits. Both studies require a thorough examination of the hydrology and hydraulics of the Little River and its respective watershed.Read More
Windsor Flood Map (revised)

Sewer and Coastal Flood Protection Master Plan - Windsor, ON

Surrounded almost entirely by water, the City of Windsor initiated the Sewer and Coastal Flood Protection Master Plan in response to several significant storm events that resulted in widespread basement and surface flooding throughout the City. Flooding has been a significant issue in the area, impacting thousands of people.Read More