Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship: SWANA

Dillon Consulting Limited is proud to announce this year’s Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship that is being awarded through the SWANA Canadian Chapters.

The $5000 scholarship will be awarded to a full-time student in Canada. Contributing to a number of organizations for annual scholarships, Dillon is proud to support the continuing education and professional development of students across Canada who are pursuing studies in its areas of practice.

Applications are open until May 1, 2022. Download the application form HERE, and send it to the SWANA chapter where your University is located, or where your SWANA membership resides using the contact information below:

Location: SWANA Chapter:  Send Application to: 
 NB, NL, NS, PE  Atlantic Canada Chapter  info@atcanswana.org
 Quebec  Quebec Chapter  gmr@reseau-environnement.com
 Ontario  Ontario Chapter  office@swanaontario.org
 AB, MB, NT, SK, NU            Northern Lights Chapter            office@swananorthernlights.org
 BC, YT  Pacific Chapter  info@swanabc.org
Young male university student holding binder and standing in campus hall