Landscape Architect Feature

Dillon Consulting Limited was recently featured in an article by Landscape Architect for our work on the Dundas Street transformation in London, Ontario.

Now named Dundas Place, the five-block stretch was remodeled using the “Flex Street” approach, which accommodates use for pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists. Dillon was retained to complete an Environmental Assessment, as well as provide “design, planning, and engineering expertise”. Included in the remodeling was the River pattern created in the road. Representing the Thames and as a nod to the development of the city, the river design safely separates the pedestrian and traffic areas.

Dundas Place has already started to become the hub it was envisioned to be. In 2019, it was the home of London’s “Jurassic Park” during the Toronto Raptors’ NBA finals, and hosted many events in the lead up to the Juno Awards.

“Dundas Place is a dynamic and inviting destination in the city and has become the benchmark for future ‘flex’ streets in Canada.” - Landscape Architect

CLICK HERE to read the full article by Landscape Architect. 

Street with dark and light grey stones making a river pattern and cars on left side. Man walking down right side of street.