2020 Community Group Spirit Award – BGC Winnipeg

We were recently recognized by the Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg as their 2020 Community Group Spirit Award winner!

What started as a brainstorming session in 2019 has evolved into engaging educational workshops for teens who might consider Engineering as a future career. This has been a group effort that numerous Dillon staff have participated in to help promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers for teenage girls. 

Pre-COVID, volunteers from Dillon helped coordinate a workshop at the Victor Mager School library where teens rotated through interactive learning stations featuring different aspects of engineering:  filtration (environmental engineering), bridges and infrastructure design (civil engineering) and a catapult (Mechanical Engineering). While being guided through these activities, teens were able to connect with female engineers from Dillon and ask questions about the profession. The Dillon mentors created a safe and inclusive environment during the workshop so the teens felt more inclined to ask questions. 

Thank you to Katie Whyte, Katrine Levesque, Yvette Morgan, Sara Sadowy, Ali Campbell, Melanie Reich and Vanessa Krahn for your involvement and mentorship over the years. Special thanks to Katie who took charge in leading the 2020 event that was recognized and planning the 2021 transition to a virtual event.