Office Manager Appointments

We’re pleased to announce the appointments of four new office managers for our Edmonton, Saskatoon, Vancouver and Windsor offices. Congratulations Mychal, Chris, Jonathan and Jillian! We look forward to witnessing their growth in these exciting new office leadership opportunities.


Mychal-Ann Hayhoe


Chris Downie


Jonathan Kitchen


Jillian Hicks-McClary

We’d also like to take the time to thank their predecessors for their commitment to the Office Manager (OM) role. We recognize all their extensive contributions to the office and company. Special thanks to Olivia Zahumensky (Windsor),  Stacie Kalyn (Vancouver), Kathryn Palmer (Saskatoon), and Brent Boss (Edmonton).

The role of the OM is an important developmental role here at Dillon. With responsibility for managing office plans, operating budgets, administrative services, and supporting a positive community and industry profile, the OM role brings new experiences on a daily basis. However, it's more than that. It's an opportunity to develop a broader perspective, form connections throughout the company, learn more about the business side, and further develop management and leadership skills. Many of our OMs have leveraged their office management experiences for both project and company success!