Dillon's connection with Blackfriars bridge - as presented by Chris Haines at Dillon's 2019 Annual General Meeting

“Once in a while, maybe once in a lifetime or once in a career we get a chance to work on a project with such deep ties to our past and such deep resonance with our client and the public it’s truly humbling… Humbling for us to think that we could contribute to a story that began almost a century and a half ago and has these close ties to Dillon.

The bridge spanned the river, but Dillon’s involvement spanned generations.”

-Chris Haines

In 1948, when the Blackfriars Bridge was 73 years old and nearing the end of a bridge’s life span, the City of London reached out to the new company M.M.Dillon & Co. for a major rehabilitation project. Our two first presidents, Murray Dillon and George Humphries, worked with the City and found a way to extend the life of the bridge. In the seven decades that followed, Dillon has been called upon for maintenance, repairs, and advice. Once the bridge reached 140 years old, we were called upon again to find out what was possible for a bridge that was already twice the lifespan of a normal bridge.