New Business Structure Strategist Appointments

Dillon Consulting Limited is pleased to announce the implementation of a new business structure designed to both grow the business and optimize operations. Consulting efforts will now be organized through the primary lens of the clients’ objectives rather than through the lens of technical disciplines and capabilities.

This shift in operations will create clarity for project manager performance, client service experience and business development/sales capacity development. Within this new structure, those in the Strategist, Business Unit role will lead and direct the gathering and interpretation of market insights to inform business unit growth strategy and plans.

The eight Business Units will fall under three Service Areas, listed below:

The Environment Service Area, led by Dennis Heinrichs, consists of Environmental Management, Contaminated Sites Management and Waste Management Business Units. Strategist, Business Unit appointments are:

  • Brent Boss (Waste Management);
  • Dave Poole (Environmental Management); and
  • Tyler Barkhouse (Contaminated Sites Management).

The Transportation and Facilities Service Area, led by Jeff Matthews, consists of Transportation and Facilities Business Units. Strategist, Business Unit appointments are:

  • Brian Feuer (Facilities); and
  • Tanya Cross (Transportation).

The Communities Service Area, led by Darcy Harris, consists of Community Strategies, Community Infrastructure and Land Development Business Units. Strategist, Business Unit appointments are:

  • Susan St. Louis (Community Infrastructure);
  • Rory Baksh (Community Strategies); and
  • Karl Tanner (Land Development).

Appointed to the newly created position of Lead Strategist, Gary Strong will work closely with the Business Units to further develop strategic skills, market insights and strategic plan development.