Parkway Centre

Joe Guzzi, Chair of the Business Association of the business park where the Dillon Toronto office is located, led this year’s Annual Parkway Centre Business Association Holiday Luncheon. Sponsored by Dillon Consulting, one of the goals of this luncheon was to connect Dillon to our neighbours, raise our profile as city builders that offer a wide range of engineering, environmental, and planning services, as well as open potential doors for new project opportunities. 

The business park is the largest office employment area outside of downtown Toronto and has been studied for many years with future projects planned. A new identity was launched for the business park, now being branded as “Parkway Centre”. This name change was supported by the City of Toronto Councillor Shelley Carroll. Joe Guzzi proposed the name change and, with the support of Christian Jattan who designed a logo, the Parkway Centre Business Association was reinvigorated and we are looking forward to the new year to continue to launch the new organization. 

The Annual Holiday Luncheon hosted many members on the steering committee of the Business Association as well as people that work in Parkway Centre. Councillor Shelley Carroll was in attendance and spoke at the event sharing her ideas about the future potential of the area. Dillon’s Office Manager, Dave Restivo attended the luncheon to provide welcoming remarks to all in attendance, and Karla Kolli was also present and shared information about Dillon's project work across Toronto in community engagement. Dave Restivo also provided a tour of the Dillon Toronto Office to Councillor Shelley Carroll to show her our newly renovated office space which is one element that draws employees to Parkway Centre. During the luncheon, attendees discussed current challenges facing the area and strategies to address them, recognizing the potential to grow the Business Association to better serve the workers and environment for all to enjoy.
Group photo from Parkway Centre Luncheon