Dillon Celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 21st, 2019 marks National Indigenous Peoples Day (NIPD). Dillon will celebrate with our colleagues and clients across Canada. For the month of June, the Dillon team celebrated National Indigenous History Month by exploring the languages of the traditional territories in which we work, learning at least one word of the Indigenous languages in that territory. 

NIPD was announced in 1996 by then Governor General of Canada, Roméo LeBlanc and falls on June 21st each year. This holiday is observed in every region across Canada, celebrating the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

Dillon collaborates with Indigenous communities across Canada on economic development; community plans; traditional knowledge and land use occupancy studies; environmental assessments; and rehabilitation and new construction of roads and water, wastewater and waste management systems. 

Dillon strives to provide materials and project deliverables to be community-inclusive and community accessible. One of the ways that our team provides inclusiveness is through the inclusion of the community’s Indigenous language where possible.

We wish you all the best on this important day.

National Indigenous Peoples Day 2018 banner