Tyler Barkhouse and Malcolm Marston on AAC Board of Directors

Tyler Barkhouse was acknowledged by the Auditing Association of Canada (AAC) for his nine years of service on their Board of Directors. This is the maximum term for a board member. Tyler has been a Certified Environmental Auditor for over 20 years. He has mentored and certified new auditors across Canada, as well as accrediting universities, to help deliver environmental studies under the ECO Canada mandate.

Malcolm Marston has recently been appointed to the Board of Directors. He has over 29 years of experience in environmental engineering as a management program, compliance, risk management and auditing specialist. Malcolm is one of only a few practitioners who have developed integrated management systems.

The Auditing Association of Canada (AAC) is the national association for both Environmental and Health & Safety (EH&S) auditors. AAC's annual conference provides training and industry networking opportunities for practitioners in the field of EH&S auditing.

Tylerl Barkhouse and Malcolm Marston