Dillon at CPAA Conference

Pat Maloney and Kristen Harder presented at the Community Planning Association of Alberta (CPAA) Conference held April 29th through May 1st, 2019, in Calgary, Alberta. Their presentation “The Affordable Housing Conundrum” focused on helping municipality’s determine housing needs and provide tools to encourage the delivery of affordable housing across the housing continuum. It highlights a toolkit that Dillon recently developed for use by governments across Western Canada to support the delivery of non-market housing and tips for non-market housing providers on building partnerships with local governments.

Pat Maloney is an associate and planner with over 40 years of experience in land use planning, policy development, strategic planning and public consultation. She understands housing issues, whether they are affordability, accessibility and appropriateness. Pat has worked with land developers not for profit organizations and understands the markets, proformas and the need to manage construction and development costs. Pat has been honored as a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Planners, in recognition of her experience across western and northern Canada, her devotion to mentoring and coaching young planners and her contribution to the planning profession.    

Kristen Harder is an urban planner with an understanding of municipal process, legislation, policy and interpretation of regulations for development. She has participated in policy development for Alberta communities and works to improve the efficiency and clarity of statutory planning documents.