Andy Blackmer Elected Chair of the Board of Directors of the Maritimes Energy Association

At the Annual General Meeting of the Maritimes Energy Association (MEA) on January 15th, Andy Blackmer was elected to the Board as Chair and Member at Large Director. The MEA  is an independent, not-for-profit organization representing businesses that provide goods and services to the energy industry in eastern Canada - offshore & onshore, renewable & non-renewable, cleantech, domestic and export markets - which Dillon has been a member for over a decade.

Andy is a professional geoscientist, project manager, partner and business development lead with a focus on Atlantic Canada. His 30 plus years' experience includes involvement in projects related to upstream, mid-stream and downstream oil and gas, renewable energy, base-load electrical generation and district energy. He is an active member of the MEA participating on both the past Renewable Energy Committee and the current Energy Industry Committee. He was elected to the MEA Board in 2018 for a two-year term. 

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