City of Calgary Approves Development Rail Corridors Policy

The City of Calgary (City) has obtained final approval on “Development Next to Freight Rail Corridors Policy” - the first of its kind in Canada. City council unanimously approved the Policy on July 23, 2018. Dillon worked with the City to develop an evidence-based decision-making framework to manage the risks of lands being developed along freight rail corridors.

Dillon is very proud to have partnered with the City to develop this approach. By analyzing and understanding the risks along the freight rail corridors, a standardized, systematic and transparent process was developed that allows for alternative means to fixed setback distances to manage the rail risks.

Rail ProximityThis approach will be a guide to revitalize and create vibrant and safe communities along the rail corridors, while at the same time working with the needs of the railway to conduct freight rail operations that benefit all Canadians.

Rail corridor in Calgary, AB