Darla Campbell Published in Influents Magazine

Darla Campbell contributed the article “Sustainability and Infrastructure: Are You Prepared for an Unknown Future?” to the Winter 2017 issue of Influents Magazine. This article was part of a special issue of the magazine on What Every Wastewater Professional Should Know. It speaks to the need to consider risks and vulnerabilities which may be caused by climate change while looking to adaptation opportunities that may manage potential risks. The article highlights PIEVC Protocol and ENVISION® - tools that have helped the Town of Tecumseth and Kingclear First Nation, identify priority projects.

Darla recently joined Dillon as a sustainability and asset management specialist. She has over 28 years of experience with municipal asset management and capital planning. Darla has managed and developed public affairs issues in the areas of water and wastewater management and operations including design and construction, and was previously the Executive Director of the Ontario Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (OCSI).

Darla Campbell