British Virgin Islands Launches National Physical Development Plan

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) launched the National Physical Development Plan (NPDP) process in March 2017. The work is led by BVI-based consultant Environmental Systems Limited with Dillon Consulting Limited and subconsultant partner Acacia Consulting & Research of Canada. The team met with a wide-range of agency and community stakeholders and conducted a briefing with the Premier to begin development of the NPDP.

The NPDP process involves facilitating development and adoption of national land use maps and plans while considering appropriate land capability classification, land management issues, climate change impacts/disaster risk reduction, sustainable resource use, and other relevant issues.

Pictured are (clockwise from left): Premier of the Virgin Islands, Dr. the Honourable D. Orlando Smith, OBE; Permanent Secretary, Mr. Brodrick Penn; Ron Shishido (Dillon); Cassander O’Neal (Environmental Systems Limited); Rory Baksh (Dillon); Christina Hovey (Dillon); Michel Frojmovic (Acacia Consulting & Research); and Chief Planner, Mr. Gregory Adams.

NPDP Briefing Session