Windsor Council Approves 6th Phase of Utilities and Streetscape Improvements Project

Windsor Council approved Dillon's plan for the sixth phase of the Downtown Windsor Utilities and Streetscape Improvement Project along Ouellette Avenue from the Wyandotte to Elliott Street intersections. There have been extensive consultation over the past year including sessions with the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association (DWBIA), local business owners, emergency services, Transit Windsor and various City departments.

The proposed 'enhanced' plan reduces Ouellette Avenue from four lanes to two and provides speed reduction and pedestrian safety benefits. Additional on-street parking is proposed to support local businesses, while an improved and expanded transit hub is proposed to make transit a better experience. The project is a complete reconstruction from building face to building face and includes water and other utility infrastructure, roadway and sidewalk areas, which will be completely reconstructed.

The 'enhanced plan' focuses on placemaking as a catalyst for downtown renewal. The project improves the streetscape corridor to encourage businesses to revitalize this area. Placemaking creates an attractive, comfortable place for people to live, work and shop. The design creates 'flexible public space' between the buildings and the curb line that can be used by business to animate the zone with cafes, patios and display areas. Existing special places have been integrated into the plan, mature trees will be protected and new community parkettes and plaza spaces have been created to contribute to reactivating the public realm within the corridor.

Windsor Streetscape Rendering