Dillon presents at xChange 2017

Yena Ahadzie and Heather Swan will present a session, highlighting how engagement with Indigenous communities can influence engineering design and projects, at xChange 2017, January 13-15, 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta in association with Engineers Without Borders (EWB). xChange is an annual event that brings leaders together from across the world to spark lasting, profound change. Their session will provide an introduction to key terms and best practices for engaging with Indigenous communities. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a case study designed to simulate the real-world experience of creating and implementing a community engagement plan. In addition, Heather will participate on the Pivot Panel: What future do we want? What roles do organizations play? What roles can employees play?

Yena is a water resources engineer at Dillon and current president of the EWB Toronto Professional Chapter. Her work involves the design and review of stormwater management infrastructure using various hydrological and hydraulic tools and software, as well as the coordination of environmental approvals and permit submissions to federal, provincial and municipal authorities. 

Heather is an associate with Dillon, a professional engineer and registered professional planner. Her focus has included consultation/engagement, Environmental Assessments, impact assessment, infrastructure planning, land use planning and Traditional Knowledge/Traditional Land Use Planning. Heather has worked with (and for) Indigenous communities in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

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