Board Chair 2020 Announcement

We would also like to acknowledge our outgoing Chair Richard Fitzgerald, who concluded his three year term as the first Independent Board Chairperson in Dillon’s history from 2017 to 2020. We extend our thanks to Rick for his leadership and contributions to the Board and for supporting Dillon’s success.

We welcome our incoming Chair Jane Allen. Jane is an experienced Board Director, Management Consultant, and former Utility Executive. She brings significant experience in corporate strategy and implementing large scale transformational change, as well as governance of complex organizations, through her work as a Partner at a major global consulting firm, where she was also a member of the Management Committee and Board. Jane has extensive experience in risk management, leadership development, strategic management and innovation, as well as in diversity and inclusion, for which she received multiple honours and awards. She has been a Board member of many organizations throughout her career. Read her full bio here.

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