Town of Richmond Hill and Dillon Recognized with 2017 PRO Award of Excellence

The Town of Richmond Hill and Dillon have been recognized with the 2017 Award of Excellence in the Park or Facility Design Category (for community population size >300,000) for Lake Wilcox Park by Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO).

Lake Wilcox Park is 5.48 hectares of beautiful waterfront parkland, which balances dedication to the restoration and preservation of its natural resources, with recreational opportunities for the community.  Its Indigenous, cultural and environmental heritage is celebrated through the many design elements and public art pieces intricately woven throughout the site.

Dillon led a multidisciplinary team of biologists, architects and water resource engineers in the preparation of a master plan to accommodate the development of the $10M community centre and park to accommodate a range of active and passive park facilities. 

Pictured left to right are Darlene Joslin and Samuel Ng (Town of Richmond Hill), Leighann Braine (Dillon), and Bill Allen (Executive Committee Member, Pars and Recreation Ontario).

Lake Wilcox PRO Award 2017

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