Jun 8, 2020

We do not want to be seen as speaking on behalf of Indigenous Peoples, but want to share our thoughts and experiences with the goal of encouraging planners to have more conversations, ask more questions and promote more action around engaging and building relationships with Indigenous Peoples and Communities.”

Planners are meant to assist with growth and decisions impacting communities while preserving the wellbeing of those communities. To date, Planning has generally not only excluded Indigenous communities, it has also ignored their land use practices to aid in the development of settler-Canadian society. Moving forward, it is vital that Treaties and other land use practices are better understood to allow planners and Indigenous communities to work together. 

stone turtle statue 

Dillon Consulting’s Heather Swan, collaborated with Stephanie Burnham (Cayuga Nation, Wolf Clan, a member of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and student in Guelph’s Rural Planning and Development MSc program), to explore these issues and how to address them in a blog post titled “Planning’s Relationship with Indigenous Communities: Planning Policy and Slow Progress in Changing Times” for the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI). Please visit the OPPI website HERE to read the full article.

The images in this post are from project work undertaken by Dillon Consulting Limited for the Ministry of Transportation. This work was designed in conjunction with a First Nation collaboration involving the staff at the Walpole Island Heritage Center and the artist, Teresa Altiman.

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