Jan 17, 2020

Working with The Wild, Dillon is able to bring 3D models to life with virtual reality.

Using the portable Oculus Quest hardware, The Wild brings multiple people from across the globe into one collaborative space, allowing them to work together in real time. The Wild can also be used in a community engagement setting, giving everyone a chance to see exactly what is being planned in their community. In the near future, Dillon plans to take this technology and expand it to a city-wide scale, bringing people to street-level rather than a single building. 

“I'm excited to bring us more out into the public with stakeholders to really show them what we're talking about—not try to explain it through technical details, but just show them and let them come to their own conclusions.” - Morgan Boyco

For the full article, please visit https://thewild.com/blog/dillon-consulting-case-study


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