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The per capita amount of waste generated by Canadians continues to steadily rise. The increase can be attributed to factors including urbanization, consumerism, rapid product obsolescence and inadequate “3Rs” education and convenience-based lifestyles. Dillon works with our clients to develop long-term waste management strategies which are increasingly placing an emphasis on diverting waste from disposal.

Modern waste management programs include initiatives to encourage waste reduction, realizing re-use opportunities, optimizing materials and energy recovery and waste collection methods, providing safe management of residual waste and ensuring that initiatives are supported by effective policies and regulations. Our multidisciplinary team located throughout Canada assists public and private sector clients in developing and implementing solutions for future waste management needs and opportunities.   

Our services include:

  • Design and implementation of waste management facilities including landfills, transfer stations, recycling plants, compost facilities and waste-to-energy operations 
  • Disposal sites and support facilities decommissioning and closure
  • Existing management programs and facilities performance assessments 
  • Long-term waste management master plans development
  • Stakeholder consultation and education
  • Unique management requirements identification for special waste material
  • Waste characterization and quantities analyses
  • Waste diversion strategies design and implementation

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