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Moving forward often requires addressing the past, and our team has been developed to focus on managing and limiting our clients’ exposure to environmental risks and liabilities associated with waste and impacts in soil, groundwater, sediment and surface water. We are leaders in developing sustainable solutions that are technically sound, holistic, innovative, cost-beneficial and regulatory compliant providing clients with options depending on their risk tolerance. 

We are not biased to any specific remediation or risk control approaches which enables us to address environmental liabilities with a strategic bias toward providing the best solution for our clients. Understanding that regulations and risk often drive our clients’ environmental investment, we apply our knowledge, expertise and experience to develop sustainable, regulatory-acceptable solutions that reduce overall costs.  Where remediation, demolition, facility decommissioning is needed, Dillon develops strategies that reduce waste generation and maximize the conversion of waste into reusable resources.

We recognize that effective and sustainable solutions require effective implementation. Our demonstrated success in developing remedial design and tender packages, tendering, and providing construction phase services that effectively manage risk, proactively develop strategies to alleviate the management of impacted soil and groundwater, and innovatively and expeditiously address unexpected issues that arise during construction ensure our clients have the tools available to manage their risk.  Ultimately, we deliver sustainable solutions that achieve regulatory and project closure.

Our services include:

  • Brownfield regeneration/redevelopment
  • Demolition and facility decommissioning
  • Environmental remediation
  • Integrated environmental risk management
  • Remedial contractor tendering and coordination
  • Soil management

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