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We are focused on managing and limiting clients’ exposure to environmental risks and liabilities associated with impacts in soil, groundwater, sediment and surface water. Our team of experts are able to identify and evaluate our clients risk and deliver solutions that take into account social, economic and environmental factors. Further, we provide services in potable source groundwater management for clients ranging from municipalities and First Nations to the resource and industry sectors. 

Our team of professional geoscientists, professional engineers, hydrogeologists, hydrogeochemists, environmental scientists, human health and ecological risk assessors, environmental technologists and technicians, are knowledgeable in federal and provincial regulatory frameworks across Canada and applying integrated technical and project management skills, focusing on developing integrated risk management solutions that reduce the need for expensive remediation efforts. The work provided supports our clients in the exploration, regulatory approval and due diligence testing of potable groundwater sources.

Our services include:

  • Compliance monitoring, multi-media sampling and optimization
  • Contaminant hydrogeology/groundwater fate and transport modelling
  • Emergency spill response and restoration
  • Due diligence and litigation support and forensic evaluation
  • Environmental effects monitoring and impacted soil management monitoring
  • Human health and ecological risk assessment
  • Impacted soil management
  • Groundwater exploration
  • Groundwater hydrogeologic testing and assessment
  • Regulatory approval of large scale groundwater extractions
  • Source water protection studies

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