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Committed to leadership in environmental management, Dillon partners with clients to support their efforts toward environmentally responsible, compliant and sustainable business operations. Whether addressing liabilities, facilitating regulatory compliance, managing risks, or supporting opportunities, our environmental services group has a proven track record of success in developing solutions that are innovative, technically sound, holistic, sustainable, and cost-beneficial. 

Understanding regulations and risk often drive our clients’ environmental investment. We apply our knowledge, expertise, and experience to develop regulatory-acceptable solutions that reduce compliance costs while fostering investment in opportunities.  We not only have thorough knowledge of applicable regulations in federal, provincial, and municipal jurisdictions across Canada, but are also often active in shaping policy through our involvement in technical steering committees.  We are experts in developing risk management solutions that are integrated, if needed, into engineered design solutions and/or alleviate the need for costly remediation.

Recognizing our clients’ concerns related to climate change, sustainability, environmental contamination, due diligence, environmental reporting, rising energy costs, natural environment, and evolving regulatory pressures, our team, through the application of science, provides evidence-based solutions that address our clients’  issues associated with air, soil, sediment, surface water, groundwater, flora, fauna, wetlands, noise, energy, health and safety, environmental management systems, climate change, and related permitting. 

The partnership philosophy that drives our business is reflected in our approach to working with clients and the pride we place in seeing our clients succeed. In practice, it means we strive to understand our clients’ needs and what their stakeholders and the public expect.

We provide advisory, assessment, and assurance services to clients in the resource, government, manufacturing and transportation sectors. Our team includes professional engineers, professional meteorologists, certified environmental compliance and management system auditors, certified risk managers, and licensed toxic substance reduction planners.

Our services include:

  • Atmospheric services
  • Environmental management programs
  • Environmental site investigation and risk evaluation 
  • Integrated environmental construction services
  • Natural resource management
  • Remediation and risk control

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