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Our inclusive understanding of how to make great places that integrate a view of public and private spaces, supported by adaptive and sustainable infrastructure is an on-going theme of Dillon’s approach for planning and design of all projects.

Whether working on new mixed use areas, industrial landscapes, urban parks, or traffic patterns, our team studies the physical surroundings and the needs of the people that will use the space to develop long-term sustainable projects.

We work in all types of settings including well established downtowns and new communities. Our focus on sustainable living and urban mobility is fundamental to our approach to help make a community, a place where people want to live, work or play.

Our services include:

  • Community planning and urban design
  • Environmental planning
  • Fire and emergency services
  • Integrated mobility
  • Landscape architecture 
  • Spatial information management
We are a team of designers, planners, engineers, and environmental scientists who are passionate about progressive city-building. #DillonCities

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Paddy Kennedy

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