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Dillon hosted Student/Faculty Outreach for Fanshawe College

Dillon urban designers, Martina Braunstein-Scuderi and Kiran Chhiba, conducted a student/faculty outreach to Fanshawe College’s Environmental Design and Planning Program. The program provided real world knowledge and application of infill projects in community planning. Martina and Kiran presented our recent work and approach on the Back to the River competition in London, ON. A field visit was coordinated with the City of Waterloo and Kitchener Planning Staff that focused on the Northdale neighbourhood and downtown Kitchener. The explorations included discussions, debates and tours of infill project sites and best practices and challenges. The day was engaging, thoughtful and enlightening for all who participated, and showcased some of the most complex issues facing evolving areas of Kitchener-Waterloo.   

Kiran is an urban designer, fully registered planner and project manager with a wide range of experiences in both the public and private sector. Kiran is actively engaged in architectural, landscape architectural, planning, infrastructural and consultation-led projects, under a wider variety of contexts. These complex assignments are commonly multidisciplinary and showcase a number of diverse opportunities and challenges, including infrastructural projects, waterfront master planning, public spaces and academic research. 

Martina is an urban designer with experience in both the private and public sectors in Canada and abroad. She is experienced in sustainable development and climate change resiliency projects, waterfront and downtown master planning, and green infrastructure planning. Martina teaches urban design studio courses at the University of Waterloo. 

Fanshawe College Region Tour


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