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Region of Peel selects Dillon to complete Policy Research on Sustainable Development

Dillon is pleased to be selected by the Region of Peel (the Region) to complete a new phase in our ongoing work developing a Sustainable Development Framework. The new policy analysis will review best practices for municipal planning policies related to sustainability across North America. Dillon has already completed a background analysis on practices in the Region, developed a Sustainable Planning Framework, and communications document for this project. This leading edge Framework will allow the Region to be an innovator among Canadian municipalities in developing a sustainable development strategy. Dillon and the Region will continue to work closely with other area municipalities and conservation authorities to coordinate the policy research.

The sustainable development research to be developed by a team of planners will identify various models or frameworks for how municipalities integrate sustainability into their community plans, and to address sustainable community design, buildings, climate change and resiliency. This work will be informative to the Region as they look forward to updating their community plan to comprehensively implement sustainable design and decision-making.

Albion Hills Peel Region


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