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Dillon Sponsors the WCW 2015 Annual Conference and Exhibition

A Dillon team of water/wastewater engineers and planners will have a significant role at the Western Canada Water (WCW) 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition, held in Winnipeg from September 15-18, as presenters and workshop facilitators.

Lin Watt will present “Lagoon Sizing for Real Operational Capacity: Dynamic Modelling During Design.”Francesco Zurzolo will present “Passive Filtration: Achieving Target Effluent Limits for Phosphorus Using a Natural Systems Approach.” David Marsh will facilitate a half day workshop on public engagement for infrastructure projects which will focus on the fundamentals including when and why to use it, and how it can function as an effective risk management tool for projects. Corina Peach will present two papers, “Use of Biological Modeling Software to Understand Northern Lagoon Systems” and “Design Challenges of Water Treatment Plant Upgrades in Northern Canada.”

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Lin Watt is a chemical engineer-in-training with four years of experience in the project management, planning, assessment, design, permitting, and construction of drinking water and wastewater systems. Lin is a member of the conference organizing committee.

Francesco Zurzolo headshotFrancesco Zurzolo is a wastewater engineer-in-training with 5+ years experience in the design construction of water and wastewater systems in both urban and rural contexts. Francesco specializes in nutrient management and reduction processes. 

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David Marsh is an associate and planner at Dillon with over 16 years of experience involved in a wide array of planning endeavours, from development entitlement processes, development plans, secondary/neighbourhood plans, zoning by-laws, policy planning, rapid transit and public participation for infrastructure projects. He has significant experience in public outreach and engagement, and is currently the President of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Canada - Prairies Chapter.

Corina Peach is a process design engineer with eight years of experience in the field of water and wastewater engineering and project coordination and management. She has worked with multidisciplinary teams across the country on multiple community water and wastewater treatment facilities, in particular on the planning, process design and licensing of these treatment systems. 


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