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Dillon Presents at the A&WMA Climate Change International Specialty Conference

Paul Donahue, Ravi Mahabir and Hong Liu will present at Addressing Climate Change: Emerging Policies, Strategies, and Technological Solutions, the Air & Waste Management Association International Climate Change Specialty Conference on September 9-10.

The Dillon team will present Building Resilient Infrastructure & Adapting to Changing Climate for Infrastructure Design in Coastal Belize followed by Quantifying Uncertainties in the Process of Developing Future IDF Curves with Jeannie Lee of the City of Surrey. 

PDonahueHS_webPaul Donahue is is an associate and water resources engineer with over 20 years of experience who has in-depth working knowledge throughout Canada on challenging hydrotechnical and municipal engineering projects. Much of his experience focuses on watershed scale and subwatershed hydrology, open channel and closed conduit hydraulic investigations, studies and designs.

Mahabir, Ravi_webRavi Mahabir is an associate, environmental engineer and Certified Risk Manager. He has extensive experience in the atmospheric services field, and is actively involved in Dillon’s climate change adaptation services. Ravi’s work includes climate change risk assessment and adaptation planning with a focus on the application of risk-based frameworks to decision making around climate change.

Liu_H_cropwebHong Liu is an associate, atmospheric physicist and meteorologist with specialized experience in climate modelling/downscaling, planetary boundary layer structure and turbulence modelling, meso-scale modelling, meteorological measurements, wind resource analysis and site assessment, wind forecasting, applications of statistical methods in the atmospheric sciences, and GIS and spatial data integration.



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